Bird Feeders

Bird Feeders

There is estimated to be over 100 billion individual wild birds on earth, and each one needs to eat certain amounts of food on a daily basis in order to survive. That’s where we come in! Bird feeders are fun to make and are essential in order for birds to live. Bird houses can be made out of practically anything and are usually hung in different locations around your yard for birds to enjoy. Purchasing a bird feeder is another option, however this can be expensive and both methods serve practically the same purpose.

The following is a fun and easy way for children (or adults) to make a bird feeder:

What You Will Need:

•    An empty milk or juice carton (any size will do)
•    String (must be strong)
•    Scissors
•    Stapler
•    Hole punch
•    2 small sticks or wooden rods
•    Bird seed
•    Markers, paint or anything which can be used to decorate the carton.  Ensure the paint is water based not to hurt your feathered friends and try not to use anything that can be potentially dangerous to swallow.


1.    Wash and dry the carton thoroughly.

2.    Decorate your carton however you would like

3.    Using your scissors cut a square in each side of the carton (a square big enough to fit at least the head of a bird).

4.    Using your hole punch (or your scissors) make a small hole below each square.

5.    Push your sticks or rods through the holes from one side of the carton to the other (the sticks will form a “t”).

6.    Fill the bottom of your carton with bird seed.

7.    Punch a hole (or two if you like) in the top of your carton.

8.    Hang your finished feeder to a tree branch with string.

Although these bird feeders will not last forever (or even close), they are a fun, inexpensive way for children to learn about birds and the importance of caring for our wildlife.

But, if you want some help building your bird feeder CLICK HERE!

Bird House Plans

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