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Secrets To Get Your Ex Back

Secrets To Get Your Ex Back


by Justin Sinclair

If you have just gone through a breakup and want to get your ex back, there are some things you should do and other things that you shouldn't do. If you're texting game is good, you may be able to initiate contact with your ex.

This all depends on how your breakup happened. If it was a nasty breakup, it's almost always best to wait a few weeks before you contact your ex again. Also avoid falling into the "creeper zone" sometimes it's just better to let the relationship go. You will have to judge this by your own relationship context. But, if you think there is a reasonable chance you can get back with your ex, there are some simple texts you can try in order to test the water.

Secrets To Get Your Ex back #1

The following texts explain all the secrets to making up:

"Hey, I think we should talk sometime."

The reason that this message is so powerful is because it is not too aggressive, yet sets a tone for the direction you want to take the relationship. You aren't asking to go out on a date that night, you just want to re-establish the lines of communication. It doesn't sound too needy and can show that you have matured (if that was an issue in the relationship). Furthermore, you let your ex know that you are still thinking about them and that they are still important to you.

Secrets To Get Your Ex Back #2

" I want to know how you are doing."

This is similar to the first text in the sense this it communicates that there is still interest on your part. By making the conversation focused on your ex, they will feel that you still care about them. In a particularly painful breakup, this can be very important. It's important, as well, to not put your partner on the defensive when you are re-initiating contact. There should be no blame to go around. By focusing the on the positive aspects of your relationship, you will be more likely to gain the attraction that you first had for one another.

If your ex is receptive to talking, you can even get more personal. Saying things like "I miss you" or " I miss what we had" are ways to remind your ex that they are still important in your life. Furthermore, these kinds of statements can help heal hurt that your partners felt in the relationship.

"Hey, what's up?"

While this may seem overly simplified and is by no means a "line", it could be the most important thing you say to get your ex back. Anything that gets you talking with your ex again is a good thing, as it will likely reignite the initial things that attracted you to each other in the first place. By talking with your ex, you will increase the likelihood that you will get your ex back. The best part about this strategy is that you get to go at your own pace and build slowly. Healing a relationship takes time, and you are the best to judge how quickly it will take that relationship to heal. We have shared with you the secrets to making up, so give it a try today!

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Herpes while pregnant

As any pregnant woman knows, protecting your baby is top priority. For women infected with the herpes virus, this becomes even more of a concern. While the chances of a woman with  passing the virus onto her baby are slim, there is still a possibility that the child could become infected with at the time of birth. Talking openly with your doctor and educating yourself on herpes and pregnancy and how it can affect your pregnancy and baby are your best tools to protect yourself and your child. Following are some questions that you may have if you are experiencing herpes and pregnancy.

Can my baby get the virus from me?

Yes. While neonatal herpes occurs very rarely, there is a small chance (less than one percent) that your baby will contract the virus from you at the time of birth. In 90 percent of the cases, herpes is passed from mother to baby via an outbreak in the birth canal. In some instances, the virus can be spread even if there are no herpes sores because herpes can be passed asymptomatically, meaning that it has reactivated but there are no symptoms (sores) to indicate it.

I was just recently diagnosed with herpes. Is my baby at less risk?

No. Actually, pregnant women who were just recently diagnosed with the virus before becoming pregnant or during pregnancy pose slightly more of a risk for passing the herpes on to their baby. This is because a woman who hasn't had the disease for a longer period of time has not had as much of a chance to build antibodies to the virus that can be passed on to her unborn child. However, the risk of transmitting herpes is only slightly increased in newly diagnosed women, and women that get the disease during the first and second trimesters should still be able to provide enough antibodies to their babies.

Can I still have my baby naturally?

Yes. unless you are having an outbreak with active lesions, most doctors and obstetricians will recommend a vaginal birth as the risks associated with a Caesarean section far outweigh the risk of your baby becoming infected with herpes. Because of the antibodies you have passed to your baby during the pregnancy, your child will be protected against the virus and there is only a minimal chance (less than one percent) of the disease being passed on.

What if I get an outbreak right before I deliver?

The most important thing you can do if you notice an outbreak before delivery is to tell your doctor, it’s always best to be honest and let your OB know as soon as possible that you have active lesions. This is the best thing you can do to protect your baby because your doctor can then determine which is the safest route to take for delivery.

How can I protect my baby from getting this virus?

When trying to control this virus during pregnancy, the best way to protect your baby is to educate yourself and take precautionary and preventative measures to lessen your chance of having an outbreak, and discuss your condition frankly with your doctor.


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